Body love is more than acceptance of self or the acceptance of the body. Body love is about self-worth in general. It’s more than our physical appearance. We are more than what has been done to us. It’s reclamation of self. It’s a bunch of things. It’s not super light. It means self-care. We are such a society built on work, work, work. I think having self-care and time to nurture the self.
- Mary Lambert (x)

Hi gorgeous Lambies! :) 

ICYMI (which, as I learned last week, means “in case you missed it”), Mary did an interview and performed Secrets for with VEVO DSCVR. Check out the interview and the performance by clicking on the links!

It’s question time again! Our last winner was cobuscuscobuscus. Who’ll win next? ;) 

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The question: What label is Mary Lambert currently signed to? 

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Front row at Mary Lambert. Best concert ever.


So Mary Lambert came to Salem State…got to meet/hang out with her for a bit. She’s so cool!


I can’t listen to “She keeps me warm” and “Secrets” by Mary Lambert without smiling the happiest smile and feeling so darn good about myself, I just feel idk beautiful inside and out and I find that it’s an amazing thing to feel confident in your own skin and its taken me a while to achieve this, I still have a way to go but I’ll get there and I hope whoever reads this does too. Remember you are beautiful being YOU


She says I smell like safety and home…


I’d like to thank Mary Lambert for existing

This is so exciting!!!!!
Listen to the song here!!

thelynnmason: Do you know where there is a recording of Mary's song, "Just Got Home" 


On Tumblr? Or anywhere?

The only post I could find on here is a video: 

I don’t think there are any recordings other than the videos on YouTube…

You can try this though!

I hope this helps!

Hey Mel ( thelovelymarylambert), Do you have any ideas?

Those are the only two I know of :/


when you sleep, will it be with me?

"We are now in an era where it’s expected of artists to have not only their music be consumed, but their actual personhood. The product of music is not what is solely consumed anymore — you as a person are now a commodity."
- Mary Lambert (source)