"You may recognize Mary Lambert from her feature on Macklemore’s song ‘Same Love’ but now she is taking the spotlight with her own music!"

Click the link to watch an interview! Plus, listen to live versions of Secrets, She Keeps Me Warm, and Mary’s next single, So Far Away!



mary lambert’s concert more like: 500 crying lesbians


"I could be a morning sunrise all the time, this could be good, this could be good." ❤️ @marylambertsing (at The Sinclair)


i gotta say i absolutely love mary lambert

everything she says, sings, spits brings me to tears

i wanna love my body and myself as much as she does

and i don’t just mean how much she loves herself

but how much she loves you, and me, and everyone in this world

how she thinks absolutely…

This is so nice!!!



Mary Lambert

This is cute!!!



I dont care if the world knows what my secrets are // x


in which a gay cover of one of the most quintessential modern american love songs is a thing that exists

"Where did you come from, bright star
What heaven did you leap from, dear love
How can I spell your name without the sound of
Autumn underneath my tongue
Without acknowledging the lovers who bent me in half
Bless them for bringing me to you
How can I say your name without
Also breathing the words
“My god, I found you”
How can I ever speak again with this mouth
When it has found where it belongs
When you touch me
I am a bed of calla lilies
I will make a house for you and fill it with evergreens
I will paint sunsets on every wall
So you can only see beautiful things
How can I say “love” without wanting to fold myself into you
Like a thousand paper cranes
Dear one
I was halved the moment I was born
The other piece of me is inside your mouth
And I was found whole the moment you spoke"
- Dear One (Mary Lambert)


woah wait how did I just find out that Mary Lambert and Michelle Chamuel are dating? Their friendship was hella cute in the beginning and oh yes, I really like this

…aaaaaand I really need a duet from them stat

Hi pretty Lambies!

Today is Spirit Day! I’m wearing purple…are you? :) 

I love all of you so much!

(By the way, this picture was posted on Spirit Day last year)


This is actually so inspirational~


my girl mary lambert has a new record out today!!

check me out on song #3. it’s called ribcage